5 Myths on your smartphone that you thought were true

There are many myths about smartphones in the world, and most of them are never questioned.It’s easy for this to happen. Sometimes it happens under some circumstances may specifically or by mistake, but the urban legend becomes an unwritten rule. Let’s review some of the most common myths that threaten smartphones you probably think are true.  

1. Use only the charger that came with your smartphone

If this were true, none of the smartphones we tested on the wording would work. Here usually we do not use the charger that rarely includes the device. However there is some truth to this myth.

Amperes, and volts watts affect the load of a device. Each charger usually has different specifications. You can connect any device with USB connection to any USB cable and plug it into a USB charger and nothing explodes. Typically, a more powerful charger load faster. In principle you can use any charger.

The important thing is to respect the voltage and wattage. You can use a loader with more amps of output whenever you respect the voltage. If you have a smartphone with fast charging it is best to use a charger with the same system as with the Galaxy S6 and family, but also any other charger works. Sometimes there cagadores do not have enough power to charge a tablet and because the device needs more voltage at the output of charger.


2. Having a black screen background saves battery

This is true, but it is not universally true. A black wallpaper can save battery on devices with screens with LEDs, such as Super AMOLED and OLED. LED screens do not require power to represent the black color. LCDs, however, also illuminate the pixels black. Therefore it is said that LCD screens do not represent the pure black.


3. Best performance specifications assume better

When manufacturers boast of 4 GB of RAM and a 21 megapixel camera is easy to believe that this means that they will work better than another device with worse numbers.

If you look at the statistics Geekbench performance , specifically for the HTC One M9, we’re going to be surprised. The M9 has an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, which is supposed to be one of the fastest processors in the world, however, the performance of single-core M9 eats the LG G2 with its Snapdragon 800 with two years old.

The dual-core performance and Galaxy Nexus 6 S5, with the latest generation of Snapdragon processors 805, are also much higher than the HTC One M9. It is true that this example is a little easier because the M9 has a CPU One underlocked , that is reduced to its original performance. Geekbench But we can find more examples of older devices that exceed the new.

Great hardware means nothing without proper implementation. Although the performance is difficult to quantify the number of megapixels a camera is often used to sell the product. The difference between the “best” and “worst” chamber below the composition is more than 12 million pixels. What picture do you think is better?

The four photos were taken with different detailed smartphones in the bottom of the image. The format was 4: 3 and the best camera settings allowed. It notes that the test was not carried under strict conditions and that the images have been compressed to fit this web, but this is not important.

The difference of 12 million pixels from the camera 20.7 MP (down der.) And 8 MP (above left.) Is not reflected in a significantly higher performance. If we make a 20x zoom in the photo it is clear that we will notice the difference, but most do not do that. Almost all the pictures we see directly on the screen of the device is not capable of representing all pixels.

In the specifications table you can see how each shot gives you points, but does not tell you how good it is good.

4. Overloading the damaged smartphone battery

As in the best myths in this there is some truth. Modern smartphones have systems to protect against overload, so no problem leaving the phone on charge at night.

Shane Broesky, co-founder of the company charging accessories Farbe Technik, he said networks “Your phone is ready. Once fully charged, he knows when to stop to protect against overload.”


However, charging the phone increases the temperature of the battery and the phone’s circuits. If your smartphone is in a place where you can not get rid of this heat, such as under a pillow, you may exceed the normal temperature and damage the battery. Remember charge in an open place.

5: A factory reset deletes your data

Always it advised restore factory settings before selling a second hand smartphone or give it away. It’s good advice. Normally the reset will erase data from the phone most, but not all. Like most data erasure is not physically erase the data just a warning at the beginning of that piece of memory that says you can re-use sets. So someone with evil arts can retrieve this partial information that is on the device, including contacts, photos, email and more.

To ensure that these data unreadable even recover after doing a factory reset is best to encrypt the terminal before making the deletion.