Smartphone or a classic phone?

Smartphones appealing for their multi-function: search for a good restaurant, read emails, share on social networks, watch a video, play games … the list is long. The smartphone shopping is the toughest as users want to find a phone to be connected everywhere, and access all types of information at any time.

Smartphones have the distinction of being with a large touch screen

If surfing the Internet and connect to Facebook on mobile is not your thing, the range of more conventional phones are wide. Moreover, some models also have the connectivity functions: they will be useful for a one-time connection to the Internet, to read mail, search for an address … Others are very easy to use and accessible to all.

Conventional phone models

Conventional mobiles come in different forms; shape you need to choose according to your habits and desires.

a. touch screen phone: to have a big screen if you like watching photos and videos;

b. laptop with QWERTY keyboard: as a mini computer keyboard, ideal for SMS addicts;

c. mobile clamshell and sliding mobile: the handy compact size to slip his mobile in a pocket, a bag, etc;

d.Traditional phone: a display and 10 keys, the basic model is ideal for those looking for call-simplicity.

Smartphone: what screen size?

With some models with QWERTY keyboard smartphones are touchscreen large majority. Thus, the screen size is a determining criterion for your choice. Small screens tending to larger tablets, the family has grown!

Screens under 4 inches: smaller screens already have a sufficient size to use its applications, watch a little video, send their emails … with the advantage of good hold and to rank easily in the pocket.

Between 4 and 5 inches: the big screen these phones are very convenient for the best use of advanced functions (surf the Internet, view multimedia content …).

Large smartphones (more than 5 inches): very large, they are called “phablet“, half smartphone, half tablet. These phones off-template, or mini tablets are the ideal solution for those who need to make the most of things with their device: create and read documents, watch movies, play games, etc.

The phablet may be accompanied by a stylus to take notes

Smartphone: Choose OS

Beyond the physical product, the choice of operating system is an important factor when purchasing a new phone:

Android: Google’s interface is declined on many devices of all types and brands, so you can choose side devices. The Android application store (Google Play Store) is provided, you will find what you need: news, games, practical information, social networks, etc.

iOS (Apple): the distinction of Apple is to have a mobile, the iPhone, and an operating system, iOS. The two are inseparable; we therefore chose a set. The iPhone and its ecosystem are renowned for their reliability. Using an iPhone is intuitive and the AppStore, the application store, is also well provided.

Windows Phone: Microsoft system extends over more and more models. Its main feature is its home screen, composed of vignettes automatically updating (sms, latest publications of social networks …). If you have adopted Windows 8 on your PC, you will find similarities.

A mobile to make beautiful pictures

Always at hand, the phone has become an ideal tool for taking his pictures every day! Choose a mobile with a good camera sensor, for beautiful picture quality. We call some of these talented models in photography, from camera phones. Regarding the video, some models record Full HD.

With a smartphone, you can share your photos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or send them via e-mail!

E commerce and online shopping in India

E commerce and online shopping in India

E-commerce is growing at an enormous pace in recent years. Indian consumers are increasingly likely to make purchases online by credit card via a computer or mobile (6 million mobile users in the first quarter 2015).

Although India is late compared to other countries (USA, China, the UK, Japan, Germany), the Indian online business is doing well. Indeed, in 2015, growth is estimated at 10% with a turnover of 62.5 billion rupees, while in 2014 it was 56.8 billion rupees.

Paytm Online Shopping

The security of online purchases remains a deterring factor that is still present for consumers. Whether you are an e-merchant or a consumer, in this article we give you some tips to buy with confidence.


The data required to purchase online

Some sites require merchants to some mandatory or optional information to consumers when they filled their basket of products and wish to make a purchase. Among the required information, the buyer must complete contact information to complete delivery of the product in question. They aim to know the customer but also to secure the transaction.

The Infrastructure Security set up

When a customer makes a payment online, the connection must be secure. It is preferable that the address of the merchant site begins with “https” and that the locked padlock is present on the browser window.


Protective measures

When the customer goes to the checkout phase, it must enter his card number and the security. When the payment is made, the bank details are deleted to limit fraud. The merchant site prohibited from using these details without the consent of the consumer.

Fraud is more recurrent on ecommerce sites (for example paytm online shopping requires customers to enter a secure pin), the shopper will have to protect themselves against all these uses (identity theft etc.). To protect against potential fraud, measures exist as a guarantee of payment or the 3D Secure system. The payment guarantee allows an online shopper to contact a service provider that will certify him if the customer’s payment is risky or not. If the deal is, the merchant site can decide to cancel the order without having to produce proof of the consumer. The 3D Secure method is based on the fact that when the customer information the credit card number and the security code on the merchant site is then provided a PIN via sms it should use to validate the order.

All this information is therefore essential for a shopper because it allows him to protect his company against all these uses, to win the trust of consumers and thus acquire new customers.