8 Ball Pool: Analysis and Tricks

8 ball pool

Fun pool games and the ability to play with people around the world . That focuses the game 8 Ball Pool, one of the favorite and most downloaded games on devices Android and iOS worldwide.

8 Ball Pool is a free game and known as free-to-play , that means that you can not buy any advantage in the game with real money, this makes more balanced game between players. Available for both Android and iOS, will beating record after record to restore fame and addiction of the classic games of snooker . Who can forget the world Jippii, in which millions of people were connected and were playing pool online against each other. Now go back to be the same with the 8 Ball Pool.

How to play 8 Ball Pool

When you start the game you must bet coins with your opponent , if you win you take the coins from your opponent and regain yours, if you lose you will lose your coins. Every day currencies are recharged , making it very difficult to get to lose all your coins.

The game design is simple, the pool table is well designed, view of the top and the ball moving from side to side give a perfect scheme.

Each game is played in turns , each player has a certain time to make his move, which makes the game more fluid and dynamic .

Without a doubt this game will make us spend hours of fun, and it is best to bet only play money , we have nothing to lose.

The 8 Ball Pool is a game that undoubtedly worth to download and play, since both individual fun as online , group , is assured and more than guaranteed.

Tips Tricks & 8 Ball Pool Cheat

Watch your energy

The amount of energy you use in your shots are almost as important as the accuracy with which you point to them . In many cases, a soft touch give him the ball more likely to fall into the hole. This is particularly important when it comes to putting balls difficult means the end result always being the most decisive.

Be careful not to use too little power, since you will not want to miss a single shot because you hit too soft . While the number of judges to release energy with every shot and not rely on “hope” or your beliefs that ball go in, look good and analyzes the energy bar.

Using Spin

The pool players finer the world have learned to master the art of putting a spin on the cue ball . The clever use of twist or spin , you can avoid those dreaded moments of sinking or annoy the coup.

Plan ahead

The professionals not only think about the shot you are doing at the moment – but are thinking about one, two, or even three shots ahead. This means that they already know what they would like to move to the next move, just after they are about to launch.

Use these tips and tricks and enjoy the 8 Ball Pool , an authentic traditional great game of billiards to the delight of those who download it.

Shadow Fight 2: The fighting game for Android, iPhone and iPad


If you like fighting games apps, which should be 2 times View Shadow Fight accurate. This you can free for iPhone, iPad and Android download. In this you are fighting as a shadow, so you can pay attention to the nice animations and movements during the struggle. Has developed the game, which is funded through in-app purchases, through In App Purchases that are not indeed necessary, but greatly simplify and speed up the game.

Shadow Fight 2: The Battle of Shadows has begun

When you make the app Shadow Fight 2 starts for the first time, so you, the gameplay is a first fight that as tutorial explains acts. Even the menu is shown to you in the second step. So you get through every battle coins, which can invest in new weapons you then.

But in a struggle then is only one weapon available, so you have to decide on the right. Accordingly, the battles are fast monotonous, because the difference between the arms can be seen barely.

Simple controls, simple gameplay

Shadow Fight 2 Screenshot - (c) Nekki

The control of the app Shadow Fight 2 is simple. You just have to know what shade you play just always. Use the directional pad left to Specifies the direction, can you push upwards, jump also the opponents. The aim of the game is that the opponent to the ground faster than you.

This one should, of course, hit the enemy at the head, which causes more damage. Even more combos and then bring a more coins.

Trailer for Shadow Fight 2

In the following video you will find a trailer for Shadow Fight 2, which contains numerous scenes. Thus you can advance you make a good impression from the game:

Download free app

Shadow Fight 2 you can watch as the app free download for Android and iOS. So the game is quite fun, even if it then but is rather monotonous in the long run. Just let the idea take real people compete the shadows, has its charm, because you so attentive to the movements.

Nevertheless, we are not entirely convinced of Shadow Fight. 2 About the In App Purchases to get around hard, because every fight requires strength, which you get back to wait until after several minutes or you reach for premium currency.

Shadow Fight 2 for Android in Google Play Store

Although Shadow Fight 2 via In App purchases has, on the one hardly comes around sooner or later, the game gets 4.8 stars on Google Play. What is needed at least Android 3. And if you wanted to get unlimited Gems coins and energy just use our shadow fight 2 hack tool

FIFA 16 Coin Genarator: Ultimate Mode FUT Team Guide

FIFA-16 coin generator hack

FIFA 16 is a game that oozes content, but for many players the only thing that matters is the FIFA Ultimate Team mode. If you do not know the “FUT”, it is a way in which users have to team up with letters randomly get into digital packets. With this equipment, you can participate in various tournaments and even a championship and everything to win more gold coins and continue to train your “dream team”. Also, if you want to speed up the process, you can buy cards with real money, but it is not strictly necessary.

Over the past month we have deployed a massive coverage of FIFA 16 . Apart from the in-depth analysis , we also explore the Career on a guide , we published a little help to enhance the gameplay with the sliders of FIFA , and share some essential tips to play better. And the icing on the cake is the Ultimate Team mode guide, with a rather basic approach to newbies, some tips to get more gold coins and a look at one of its greatest exponents and news: FUT Draft.


Do not you have to play online

FIFA Ultimate Team mode requires that you be constantly connected to the internet, but you are not forced to play against other players if you do not want. There are several types of tournaments against AI, plus a league with several levels of difficulty. In itself, play ‘offline’ is a great way to get money with relative ease, which will allow you to create a much stronger team bite before other users.

The team chemistry is essential

One of the features of Ultimate Team is team chemistry, defined by different factors. While it is always good to have the best players in the team, team chemistry must always be the priority, or you’ll end up having a bad time. Whenever you hesitate between a good player and a not so good but best player on the team chemistry, optad the second option. You will not regret it.

Unburden the official app

EA Sports has released the official app of FIFA 16 for mobile, devoted entirely to the Ultimate Team mode. This application will allow you to review and organize your team, but (what is) also can see and interact with the auction house. It’s a great way to be always attentive to what happens in the market FUT and get some good deals you have the app available for download on Google Play and iTunes .

Define your equipment before you buy

If you choose the option to “Template concept”, you can build your team with any player, coach training and game. This will enable you to evaluate the type of team chemistry that will be able to get with various combinations. In fact, the game includes several examples, as a single team made exclusively with players from the League and the Premier League. Clearly you not have to use these players, but it is a very effective method of testing and know what your goals are before you spend the money you worked so hard to achieve.

Gestionad your template

There are three conditions that may affect the availability of your players: contracts, fatigue and injuries. When a contract is over, you have to renew your duration with specific letters (Combine categories of contracts with the same category of players to get a much better result). With regard to fatigue, there are also special cards that restore the energy of the players, but another alternative is to send them to the bench for a few games. And finally, the lesions: usually when a player is injured, you have to remove him to recover, but will be able to also find cards that solve various physical problems. Also, if you need urgently some of these cards, you can also get them at auctions.


Utilizad your points in the catalog

A basic way to earn gold coins is to use your points FIFA catalog main menu. When you completáis certain actions, even in the career mode, you will receive points that you can spend on items such as equipment, tricks, balls and ways to increase the coins you gain in every soccer game. In addition, you can accumulate points with previous titles FIFA same account, so do not leave them there forgotten.

Overcome the Team of the Week

Each week, EA proposes a challenge to its users a chance to beat a team of players who have played a great game the weekend before (in European leagues). This particular challenge will always be against the AI ​​and how much higher the level of difficulty that you choose, receive more gold coins if you win. But not you be greedy, because beating the last level of difficulty is very complicated.

Buy and vended effectively

The Ultimate Team mode lives mainly on the economy that is created in the auction, so you’ll have to know how to exploit it well. Take your time when looking for the best prices on the market and not fall into the mistake of buying expensive because one of your objectives is available.Before putting a letter for sale, be sure of what is its price in the market. If, for example, all players are selling Messi per 100,000 gold coins, it would be a mistake to put it on sale for 1,000.

Temporarily enjoy the challenges of tournament

Also proposed for both a player and for online content EA Sports usually offers several special tournaments with a fixed term. This kind of tournaments often impose special conditions (such as playing with 11 players of the same nationality), but are a great way to earn gold coins or extra packages.



The big news of Ultimate Team FIFA 16 coin generator is the introduction of FUT Draft, a mode that allows you to create a team with players of random gold. Once you’ve created it, you can use it on a specific tournament, in which you can win ample rewards. First, choose the formation and seleccionad players for each position. In this case, the challenge is to create a template quality without breaking team chemistry. Remember that it is important that the team has the best players, but it’s even more crucial to have the best chemistry.

Price vs. Reward

To participate in FUT Draft, you’ll have to spend 15,000 gold coins or 3 euros, which means you’ll have to do my best to amortize that expense. The main attraction so are the rewards you can unlock several packages that include gold. You can also see if you are lucky in the online mode, or bite the AI ​​with different levels of difficulty. Remember that rewards are linked to your victories, so you may win many more games, the more rewards you shall bear.

City building your team

To form your team for FUT Draft, you have to develop a plan for the chemical, whether on grounds of nationality, in leagues or clubs. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to let the game automatically choose the substitutes. We recommend you do it manually, because the bench players can be much more effective than the starting itself. As for the coach, choose one that is compatible with the largest number of potential team players.

Our last tip for fans of FIFA Ultimate Team mode is that evitéis into “rage mode”. We know that sometimes it can be a very frustrating experience, but for the sake of your health, your hand and your future rewards (you can be penalized for leaving a party), deep breathe and try to relax.Apart from that, the only thing left is to wish you good luck!


E commerce and online shopping in India

E commerce and online shopping in India

E-commerce is growing at an enormous pace in recent years. Indian consumers are increasingly likely to make purchases online by credit card via a computer or mobile (6 million mobile users in the first quarter 2015).

Although India is late compared to other countries (USA, China, the UK, Japan, Germany), the Indian online business is doing well. Indeed, in 2015, growth is estimated at 10% with a turnover of 62.5 billion rupees, while in 2014 it was 56.8 billion rupees.

Paytm Online Shopping

The security of online purchases remains a deterring factor that is still present for consumers. Whether you are an e-merchant or a consumer, in this article we give you some tips to buy with confidence.


The data required to purchase online

Some sites require merchants to some mandatory or optional information to consumers when they filled their basket of products and wish to make a purchase. Among the required information, the buyer must complete contact information to complete delivery of the product in question. They aim to know the customer but also to secure the transaction.

The Infrastructure Security set up

When a customer makes a payment online, the connection must be secure. It is preferable that the address of the merchant site begins with “https” and that the locked padlock is present on the browser window.


Protective measures

When the customer goes to the checkout phase, it must enter his card number and the security. When the payment is made, the bank details are deleted to limit fraud. The merchant site prohibited from using these details without the consent of the consumer.

Fraud is more recurrent on ecommerce sites (for example paytm online shopping requires customers to enter a secure pin), the shopper will have to protect themselves against all these uses (identity theft etc.). To protect against potential fraud, measures exist as a guarantee of payment or the 3D Secure system. The payment guarantee allows an online shopper to contact a service provider that will certify him if the customer’s payment is risky or not. If the deal is, the merchant site can decide to cancel the order without having to produce proof of the consumer. The 3D Secure method is based on the fact that when the customer information the credit card number and the security code on the merchant site is then provided a PIN via sms it should use to validate the order.

All this information is therefore essential for a shopper because it allows him to protect his company against all these uses, to win the trust of consumers and thus acquire new customers.

The best 10 alternatives to Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans for Android is one of the best strategy apps for mobile devices and an incredible hit. However, anyone who longs for an alternative that will very good games here. The newest Tip: Dominations.


dominations-tips and tricks

The Free2Play title Dominations looks like Clash of Clans plays like Clash of Clans and he makes almost as much fun as Clash of Clans. If the game is therefore just a copy? Definitely not, because this alternative to Clash of Clans differs among other things by the “realistic” setting from the great idol. Instead of drawing with barbarians and wizards in the fight, argue here the greatest civilizations in human history for supremacy. Because of the different peoples are some very tactical battles arise, as well as manager-talents are in demand, so that Alexander the Great or Napoleon to unite a strong team behind him.

Dominations hack here.

Clash of Lords 2: Honor Fight – For tactician


Who has experience with Clash of Clans collected, will the Free2Play game Clash of Lords 2: visitors find honor fight immediately. As with the major competitors of the construction of a base and a powerful force in the foreground, it is also his manager qualities as a mini-king to prove, so always be ready enough resources. For long-lasting fun is taken care of and therefore is also given by the fact that there are many heroes to unlock, various battle modes, guilds and online leagues.

Castle Conflict: Castle Clash – game with a strong focus Hero


Who especially the level up of your own heroes is important is when Lock conflict: Castle Clash exactly to the right place. So it is possible, among other things, to make the brave heroes compete in this very good alternative to Clash of Clans in an arena. The strategy portion comes in conflict Castle: Castle Clash but not too short, since even the Android gamers can succeed well to expand its base and relies on powerful armies.

Boom Beach – Alternative of the Clash-of-clan-makers


The creators of Clash of Clans have not yet published any second part to her mega-hit, but with Boom Beach a very good alternative has already been provided. The Free2Play game reminiscent not only in terms of graphics at Clash of Clans, but also the gameplay is very familiar to many fans.

In boom beach but no medieval towns and fortresses to be conquered, but several military positions on numerous islands. To survive in these battles, it is important to take care of the expansion of its own base as the larger model. In raids also tactical skill is in demand.

So if you already liked Clash of Clans, will also have lot of fun with Boom Beach. The title is also recommended to players who prefer to prefer a WW2-like setting.

Star Wars Commander: Perfect for fans of Star Wars


The name says it all! In Star Wars Commander you getting either on the side of the empire, or ensure that, when the resistance rebels. The gameplay is very similar to Clash of Clans, so it must also build defenses and fighters are trained that Free2Play game for Android is still waiting beyond with some nice extra on Star Wars. So fight among others Han Solo and Chewbacca side by side with the player. The familiar melodies and sounds of fighting are of course also included with.

Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights 


In Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights occur – as the name suggests – knights, or people against the Greenskins on. The title is therefore recommended, especially for fans of Clash of Clans and Warcraft who like to play with these two eternal enemies. But not only the setting is interesting, but also the gameplay in the popular vein of Clash of Clans to be proud of. Speaking of impressive: Heroes of War: Orcs vs Knights looks really good!

Shadow Kings – For dealers

shadow kings

Who is the structure portion at Clash of Clans too simplistic, Shadow Kings should try by Goodgame Studios. Here, of course, much will be fought, but who also like his little village and then later works extensively to a strong fortress, is with this Free2play have much joy. Also an outstanding success is the ability to trade intensively.

Empire: Four Kingdoms – Ideal for fans of The Settlers

empire four

Empire: Four Kingdoms is an excellent blend of Clash of Clans and popular building strategy games in the style of The Settlers. The player must therefore take care of a few things: build their own fortress, trade, conquests and of course the battle. Empire: Four Kingdoms masters these tasks with flying colors and therefore the title of Goodgame Studios is one of the best alternatives to Clash of Clans.

Total Conquest – Good alternative with good multiplayer mode


The game is rather settled in the Middle Ages at the time of the Roman Empire. As with Clash of Clans builds to a settlement, must defend those who attack other settlements and the ground equal make. There are up to ten different unit types and also in the design of the game a lot of freedom. Especially the multiplayer mode where you can fight against other players from all over the world, brings a lot of fun.

Jungle Heat -Ideal for amateur strategists


In this strategy game decides to move from player into the jungle, where he must conquer oil and gold. For this one builds his base in the tropics on, fighting against his opponents while trying to build oil refineries in order to increase their own wealth. The planning and execution of the battles are strongly reminiscent of Clash of Clans but also make as much fun. The jungle scenario is varied. Similarly, one can participate in tournaments or compete against other players.

20 Most Useful Tips For Whatsapp Users

WhatsApp – world’s most popular mobile messenger. Today it is used by more than 800 million people. MacDigger offers 20 of the most useful tips and hints on using WhatsApp for iPhone and Android.


Backing up and restoring data

As iOS-, and Android-version of the application has a built-in function of backup and restore message history and other important data. On the iPhone it uses iCloud.

SIM-card for WhatsApp


Using WhatSim will cost you 11.60 dollars a year. This special SIM-card can be connected to 400 mobile operators in 150 countries around the world, allowing you to stay in touch with friends and family and save on roaming.

The web client WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the official Web client, through which you can communicate with your friends through your computer. This customer has the capabilities of the mobile application. Unfortunately, today the web client WhatsApp officially only supports Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry 10.


Preparation Push-notifications when contacts part of the network

The owners of iOS-devices with jailbreak tweak can use OnlineNotify, sends push-notifications when a contact enters into a network or is beginning to gain a message for you.


Calls via WhatsApp

WhatsApp team took a long time to build support for voice communication VoIP. Finally, there was the long-awaited feature, the sound quality is very high. The function works like on the iPhone, and the Android-smartphone.

WhatsApp Client for Mac

Mac owners can install the native application called WhatsMac, which allows all the same as the web client WhatsApp. Similarly, the Web client, the application has all the necessary functions and supports devices on Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. IPhone users can use this application only if the jailbreak – installing tweaks, which we wrote above. Download WhatsMac possible here.


Notifications WhatsApp on your desktop

A special plug-in for Chrome browser called WAToolkkit will allow you to receive notifications from the Web client WhatsApp on your desktop. Notifications will arrive even if you close your browser.

“Quick Answers” on the iPhone

The “Quick response” in iOS 8 is reserved for standard applications Apple «Messages”, but users have found a way to make it work with WhatsApp. This requires jailbreak and tweak Nuntius.

Lock WhatsApp for Android

You do not want your friends to read your correspondence? Android app called «Messenger and Chat Lock» («Lock messenger and chat”) with the help of WhatsApp lock PIN. By the way, the same application can lock and your Facebook, just in case. Download the app, you can here.

whatsapp-chat lock

Widget favorite contacts on the iPhone

Want to add a link to contact the Center notifications WhatsApp iOS? This can be done with the help of «Shortcut for WhatsApp Plus». Android users can simply tap and hold anywhere on the chat window, then select “Add a link to an interview.” So you add a direct link to a favorite contact WhatsApp directly on the home screen.

Sync contact photos with the phone book WhatsApp

IOS users can use to synchronize photos AvatarSync profiles WhatsApp phone book iPhone. If you are using Android, features a variety of applications from Google Play, are able to perform this task. Among them it is worth noting Sync.me and Contact Photo Sync.


WhatsApp on plates

Perhaps this is one of the most popular searches on the Internet. In fact, there is a way to get WhatsApp work on iPad and iPod touch without jailbreak. Here you can see how it’s done.

As for the owners of Android tablets without the support of 3G, you have to find yourself, and download the executable file WhatsApp, since the Google Play will not display it in search results. After loading settings allow downloading third-party applications (Settings – Security) tapnuv the checkbox in front line of the Unknown sources. Now simply install the app WhatsApp on your tablet. After installation, run the application; it asks you to enter the phone number to which the SMS comes with a verification code – enter the number to which you have access. Once receive the verification code, please enter it on the tablet, and Whatsapp start.

Trip reports about reading

WhatsApp greatly surprised everyone when he introduced a new feature for the iOS and Android – Read Receipt messages. Customers quickly found an opportunity to turn this feature off.

Disabling status “was online …”

WhatsApp default shows when the user was last online. Fortunately for many, not so long ago in an application for iOS and Android it adds the ability to disable this signature. To do this you need to run the application WhatsApp, go to Settings, then Account – Privacy – Was (s). In the list that appears, select “No”.

Android users should run WhatsApp, press the Menu button, then Settings – Profile – Privacy – Was (s). In the list that appears, select “No”.

Customization WhatsApp


There are many third-party development, allowing to customize WhatsApp for themselves. The most popular – WhatsApp +. This application can be downloaded only in Cydila.

Using WhatsApp + for Android, unfortunately, it has been banned by WhatsApp. Members’ guglofonov “can only change the background image using the appropriate item in the official application settings.

Changing the WhatsApp

Do you want to change your phone number and not lose the history of messages and other data WhatsApp? Just insert your phone a new SIM-card and follow the instructions below.
iPhone: Open WhatsApp, go to Settings and then Profile – Change number. Here you need to enter your old phone number in the first field, and a new number – the second field. Then click “Finish”.

All Android: Open WhatsApp, press the Menu button and enter the settings. Then select Profile – Change number. Here you need to enter your old phone number in the first field, and a new number – the second field. Then click “Finish”.

Turn off auto-save acquired images in a photo album

The application for iOS WhatsApp need to open the Settings – IM settings and uncheck “Save. entrance. files. ” After this stop WhatsApp sent you save images in the photo library.

On Android, you can take advantage of open access to the file system and rename the folder “WhatsApp Images”. Connect your smartphone to your computer or use any file manager to locate the folder. In the file manager, open the sdcard – WhatsApp – Media. Locate the folder called “WhatsApp Images” and rename it to “.WhatsApp Images”. Point added to the folder name will hide it so that it is no longer visible in the photo gallery.

WhatsApp for Android Running on OS X, Windows

Of course, we have a web client WhatsApp, but who refuse the opportunity to run the original application for the smartphone on your computer? Windows and OS X users can easily run WhatsApp on your system: you simply install an extension for Chrome Google ARC Welder.

Reading messages aloud for Android

Available on Android modification Voice for WhatsApp, through which the application can read aloud incoming messages. Also, the modification adds support for voice commands.

Send an unlimited number of photos on iOS

WhatsApp default limits the number of photos in a single message to ten pieces. Sometimes it’s annoying, especially when you need to quickly poison someone a lot of pictures. Fortunately, the iPhone can I fix: just install the utility WhatsApp Unlimited Media (for this you will need to jailbreak).

Worth Mentioning… if you want to hack someone’s whatsapp you can click the link.

5 Myths on your smartphone that you thought were true

There are many myths about smartphones in the world, and most of them are never questioned.It’s easy for this to happen. Sometimes it happens under some circumstances may specifically or by mistake, but the urban legend becomes an unwritten rule. Let’s review some of the most common myths that threaten smartphones you probably think are true.  

1. Use only the charger that came with your smartphone

If this were true, none of the smartphones we tested on the wording would work. Here usually we do not use the charger that rarely includes the device. However there is some truth to this myth.

Amperes, and volts watts affect the load of a device. Each charger usually has different specifications. You can connect any device with USB connection to any USB cable and plug it into a USB charger and nothing explodes. Typically, a more powerful charger load faster. In principle you can use any charger.

The important thing is to respect the voltage and wattage. You can use a loader with more amps of output whenever you respect the voltage. If you have a smartphone with fast charging it is best to use a charger with the same system as with the Galaxy S6 and family, but also any other charger works. Sometimes there cagadores do not have enough power to charge a tablet and because the device needs more voltage at the output of charger.


2. Having a black screen background saves battery

This is true, but it is not universally true. A black wallpaper can save battery on devices with screens with LEDs, such as Super AMOLED and OLED. LED screens do not require power to represent the black color. LCDs, however, also illuminate the pixels black. Therefore it is said that LCD screens do not represent the pure black.


3. Best performance specifications assume better

When manufacturers boast of 4 GB of RAM and a 21 megapixel camera is easy to believe that this means that they will work better than another device with worse numbers.

If you look at the statistics Geekbench performance , specifically for the HTC One M9, we’re going to be surprised. The M9 has an octa-core Snapdragon 810 processor, which is supposed to be one of the fastest processors in the world, however, the performance of single-core M9 eats the LG G2 with its Snapdragon 800 with two years old.

The dual-core performance and Galaxy Nexus 6 S5, with the latest generation of Snapdragon processors 805, are also much higher than the HTC One M9. It is true that this example is a little easier because the M9 has a CPU One underlocked , that is reduced to its original performance. Geekbench But we can find more examples of older devices that exceed the new.

Great hardware means nothing without proper implementation. Although the performance is difficult to quantify the number of megapixels a camera is often used to sell the product. The difference between the “best” and “worst” chamber below the composition is more than 12 million pixels. What picture do you think is better?

The four photos were taken with different detailed smartphones in the bottom of the image. The format was 4: 3 and the best camera settings allowed. It notes that the test was not carried under strict conditions and that the images have been compressed to fit this web, but this is not important.

The difference of 12 million pixels from the camera 20.7 MP (down der.) And 8 MP (above left.) Is not reflected in a significantly higher performance. If we make a 20x zoom in the photo it is clear that we will notice the difference, but most do not do that. Almost all the pictures we see directly on the screen of the device is not capable of representing all pixels.

In the specifications table you can see how each shot gives you points, but does not tell you how good it is good.

4. Overloading the damaged smartphone battery

As in the best myths in this there is some truth. Modern smartphones have systems to protect against overload, so no problem leaving the phone on charge at night.

Shane Broesky, co-founder of the company charging accessories Farbe Technik, he said networks “Your phone is ready. Once fully charged, he knows when to stop to protect against overload.”


However, charging the phone increases the temperature of the battery and the phone’s circuits. If your smartphone is in a place where you can not get rid of this heat, such as under a pillow, you may exceed the normal temperature and damage the battery. Remember charge in an open place.

5: A factory reset deletes your data

Always it advised restore factory settings before selling a second hand smartphone or give it away. It’s good advice. Normally the reset will erase data from the phone most, but not all. Like most data erasure is not physically erase the data just a warning at the beginning of that piece of memory that says you can re-use sets. So someone with evil arts can retrieve this partial information that is on the device, including contacts, photos, email and more.

To ensure that these data unreadable even recover after doing a factory reset is best to encrypt the terminal before making the deletion.